This was the kind of weekend that makes me start calculating when my next vacation starts, when I’ll be able to enjoy more than two days of doing the things I love.  The weather continues to be stellar.

Yesterday I did a lot of weeding and constructed trellis for the tomato and eggplant plants.  Last night we BBQ’d again, this time with several neighbors.  Slept in a bit this morning, watched baseball, did some minimal gardening, played tennis, made and ate a giant sandwich, dozed, went running, then hopped on the bicycle to go take some pictures.  The neighbors across the street had the grill going again when I got back, and while I was tempted mightily to crack a beer and join them again I settle for a few yakitori sticks.


I’m not sure what kind of trees these are — Chieko guess apple.  They are very well manicured and the whole grove is surrounded by a mess net that can be drawn over the top and down the sides to prevent critters from eating the mystery fruit.  I would have loved to run around in this kind of mini-forest as a child. The trees are only about 6 or 7 feet tall, and have been pruned to that their branches provide a perfect canopy.  If you look closely you can find an old lady doing some work.



I passed these footprints in the rice paddy and then doubled back when I realized they would make a good picture.  Footprints in rice paddies are by no means a rarity, but the lighting of the low afternoon sun is kind of cool.


And finally, Ray in a bucket.  He won’t fit in there very much longer.  I thought he would be crawling by the end of this weekend, but he’s not quite there yet.  Soon.  Alas, all good things come to and end, and this fantastic weekend is no exception.  Good night.



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