Same Old…

Another nice Kanazawa rainbow this evening on my drive home.  Yesterday was the official start of the rainy season in this part of Japan (as declared by those who decide such things), and like clockwork the humidity shot up.  Sticky.  I think my days of climbing the stairs to my 7th floor classroom are numbered.


The weekend was good.  I got a good amount of gardening, a bit of BBQ-ing with the neighbors, some exercise to make up from all that BBQ-ing with the neighbors entails, and some family time.  It’s really starting to warm up and the garden is doing really well, knock on wood.  I’ve only had to replace one cucumber plant so far; everything else is pumping along.  Yesterday I ripped out all of the garlic I planted last fall.  It definitely wasn’t growing, and looked pretty bad.  I knew it wasn’t fully grown, but figured now or never.   A few heads have several cloves, but there’s a lot of mini-garlic in there.  I’m sure we’ll be able to use it though.  Next fall I’ll make sure the garlic crop has more of a prime spot in the garden.


There’s not much going on here other than everyday life, as usual, and hence the lack of blogging action recently.  I have to start seriously getting ready for my presentation in two weeks.  I’ve been stewing some ideas in my head, and today finally started making an outline.  I need to do some ‘research’ and hopefully find some literature to back up my presentation, though it seems so tedious to me.  I just want to talk about a cool, fun, effective activity that I’ve put together.  Snore.  The fact that I’m so unenthusiastic about doing things like this, and am only really doing it to pad my resume, tells me that perhaps I should pursue other avenues in life.  I love teaching, but I think there might be something else out there for me.

Anyway, that’ll all sort itself out eventually.  In the meantime, Ray is still not crawling, still has no teeth, is starting to eat food that doesn’t come out of his mother, and continues to be generally cute as hell.  But he’s not in this blog post.  Sorry.  I’ll be back when I have some nice pictures or something cool to talk about.  Stay well.


4 thoughts on “Same Old…

  1. your garlic looks great–very impressive. We have grown it several years, and the stuff we just harvested is the biggest ever, but it still doesn’t look like what we buy in the store. By we, I mean my Dad. I think it needs really rich soil–put in lots of compost or manure and keep it weeded.

    1. yeah i’ll spruce up the soil next time around…haven’t actually eaten any yet so curious to see how it tastes…

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