What Baby?

Addressing all the clamor requesting less Ray and more rice paddies and power lines, I present the following picture.


Not really, but I’ve got no Ray pictures, and this is kind of a cool picture.  I took a bike ride yesterday after I got home from work.  It had been raining most of the day but the sun was fighting through the clouds as it made its toward the horizon, creating some pretty intense back lighting.  The result:  bright green rice, dark and stormy mountains.

We’re on the cusp of Friday once again, another week turned to dust at a blistering speed.  I’ve been watching the ‘early’ World Cup games this week, which start around 8:30 p.m. here.  I think I’ll stay up at least for US’s game tomorrow night, which begins at 11 p.m.  I could really care less about soccer, but for some reason I’m finding myself a bit more interested for the World Cup.  For one thing, I have some non-American friends who are following it, and it’s also being held in South Africa, where I ‘studied’ abroad in college, and have a bit of an attachment to.

A friend of ours came over with her six month old son today to play with Ray for most of the afternoon.  They were still here when I got home from work.  I wish I was around longer to see how Ray interacted with the other boy.  They seemed over each other by the time I got home and were doing their own respective things for the most part.  It’s hard not to compare your own child to another person’s though.  Interesting emotions.

I’ve been thinking lately of getting up at an even more unreasonable hour than I already do to take walks before work, now that the weather is ideal.  That sounds good at night, but not so much once morning rolls around.  Maybe I’ll start next week, and drag Chieko and Ray with me.

But for now, bedtime.  Good night.


2 thoughts on “What Baby?

  1. they will play “together” along side each other before they actually play play together. i did a report (?) on it when i took child psychology… too bad i can’t remember what i wrote..

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