Before Ray was born, I swore that my child would never have any of the annoying-as-hell toys that drone out horrible bells and tunes and horns, or those shoes that squeak with every step the child takes, or any of the other pointlessly noisy things that are made for children.

Well, call me a hypocrite.  Spurred by Ray’s recent fixation with hammering the keyboard on my (expensive) computer whenever we are video chatting with my parents in America, we went for a diversion and bought Ray his own keyboard this weekend.  Thankfully it has a volume control, and an off switch, and has the redeeming quality of being at least capable of producing music.  He will never own squeaky shoes though.




I wish I had some non-Ray pictures to put up here, but there are none.  Life is busy this week as I’m busy procrastinating about my presentation this coming Sunday.  I have been stewing some ideas around in my mind though, and tonight finally sat down and churned out a rough Power Point presentation that I will tune up over the next few days.

Now I’m killing time waiting for the US v. Algeria soccer game to start in 40 minutes.  I’ll likely start falling asleep right about the time it comes on.  However, I recently sprung for the Slingbox iPhone application, so I can watch/listen in bed if I really feel like it.  Which reminds me of my disappointment after spending a few hours updating the iPhone OS last night, only to discover that many of the cool new features don’t work on my lowly iPhone 3G.  Ah well…

The last few days have been quite a flurry of meaningful dates for us:  Ray turned 7 months last Friday, Sunday was my first Father’s Day, and Monday was our 4 year wedding anniversary.  We went out for a quick dinner at a local cafe we like, which we hadn’t been to for a long time.  We couldn’t remember when the last time we were there was, but the woman who runs the joint was totally surprised that we had a baby.  I know we were there when Chieko was pregnant, but I guess it was pretty early on.

That’s all I’ve got.  Busy few days coming up so not sure when I’ll put the next installment of Ray pictures up ;-).  Be well whoever and where ever you are.


4 thoughts on “Noise

  1. Love the picture of Ray with the keyboard. Start em young! Seriously though, I’m working on a show with incredibly talented musicians (our bassist is 19) and they all started making music when they were tiny. He’ll thank you!
    I still have original iPhone, (Edge!, not 3g) but I think I’ll be upgrading to iphone 4 soon!

    1. yeah, i wish MY parents had gotten me playing something early on 🙂 if your kitty and ray were ever in the same room, i’m not sure the world could handle the cuteness…

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