Make It Stop

My neighbor’s stupid dog has been non-stop barking for three hours, and has been barking the majority of the day.  I’ve wished death upon it at regular intervals to no avail.  And I like my neighbors but it doesn’t reflect well on them that they can put up with the barking.  Japanese people love their noise though.  Someday I will live in a house that is far outside of barking distance from any dogs.  It’s comedic how I’m hounded (ha!) by the noisy pests.  My other neighbor’s annoying-ass dog died, and the bastard bought two more of the same breed.  (Mini-dauchsands, lower on the scale of useless and annoying creatures than mosquitoes, in my book).  Most dogs in Japan are 100% socially retarded because they spend their days pent up in the entryways of the house and only see the light of day when their owner dresses them in F-ing doggy clothes to do a lap around the block, where socially inept dog will spaz at any other dog or human it encounters.  And much as the they do when their children have a fit in public, mom or dad merely notes how ‘kawaii’ the scene is instead of discouraging the behavior.  Makes me crazy!


Stupid animal.

Some good news?  Ray took his first dump in six days today, and it was about how you’d imagine such a pent-up dump would be.  Everywhere.  We’ve been introducing some non-breast originated food the past few weeks, and I guess Ray’s intestines are still adapting.  Chieko said she hopes this changes, and I assured her that Ray is probably not going to shit once a week for the rest of his life.  She took solace.  And even if he does, we’ll be off the clock in terms of cleaning up pretty soon.

I’m making my presentation at a local teaching conference in the morning, so I spent a few hours in the office today getting ready.  It’s a short gig, only 20 minutes, which is nice since it’s my first time doing something like this.  I did some rough run-throughs in my office and I don’t think I’ll have too much trouble fill up the time.  I don’t feel too nervous, but we’ll see when I get up in front of people.  I still need iron out some details, but I should survive.

And here’s Ray, saying smugly ‘It’s fine if you say I can never have a dog, because I’m about to crap all over the place.’


Good night.


9 thoughts on “Make It Stop

    1. it’s usually pretty quiet around here laurie, and who knows, perhaps nature will have taken its course by the time you arrive (fingers crossed)…

  1. LOL, I was in bed at like 930 last night, cause I was beat from along hot/humid work week. I had the windows open all the way in my room and there was a dog howling in one of the back yards that back up to mine. I think I heard it for only 30 min than I was out cold!

    1. fortunately the bugger the other night quieted down before i went to bed…i was ready to fire up the noise-canceling headphones…

  2. love the picture…I have been reading a couple of books about Japan and your comments make them more real, confirming some of what is said. come home!

    1. i keep an open mind and there are very few things that get me riled up in japan, and i’ve been able to craft my life here so that i don’t encounter the majority of them…haven’t figured out the dogs part yet though 😉

  3. Dogs like that can be annoying as hell. Fortunately we just have the hoots of the occasional coyote pack during the night.

    Good to hear that Ray is at it again and more regular and he’s looking real cute pleased with himself too. That transition to different foods can be tricky and plus the diapers really become “arms length” at these times.

    1. i miss hearing the coyotes back home…very eerie sounding when a pack of them is howling away, but cool…ray had a few more explosions/trips to the shower today while i was at work…seems he’s firing on all cylinders again

  4. i remember when poopy diapers were the topic of conversation with my friends. we’d start with other subjects, but it always ended up poopy diapers.

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