Sunday Was Good

I made through the night on Saturday without harming any neighborhood pets, and more importantly I made it through my presentation Sunday morning.  I was the first one to present in the morning, which was nice since I didn’t have to wait around letting the anxiety build.  There were maybe 15 people in the room, maybe half of which were my coworkers.  I was happy to have a small crowd with a lot of familiar faces.

I have to say that the conference atmosphere breathed a little fire into me regarding my excitement and passion of teaching.  I liked being around people here were engaged and motivated to share ideas about teaching.  I’ve got a chance to turn this little 20 minute presentation into a paper, which I plan to do.  Pad that resume!

I had been fighting off a cold towards the end of last week, and crashed pretty hard when I got home from the conference around noon.  I woke up with notions of going running, but it was hot, and when I saw the neighbors sipping beers on the stoop and the grill on standby, I changed my plans.  And so I had the rare Sunday afternoon/evening buzz, and it was much more relaxing then running.

Whenever I BBQ with my neighbors someone inevitably scares up some beef for me.  I’ve eaten all sorts of other food in their presence, yet the myth that I can only eat beef persists.  Granted, I’ve turned down or only had a nibble of some of the stuff they bring out, like dried ray fins.  So once again the beef magically appeared, along with a Budweiser, which I happily swilled.


And this being Inokuchi, where there are two dachshunds for every one human, this was no surprise.


I have some other pictures that capture the pure dachshund madness that was present, but they came out blurry.  I’ll wait to get some better pictures because, god knows, I’ll have a chance the way things roll around here.

And now it’s already (almost) Wednesday.  And crap, it’s nearly July.  Crazy.  My fading interest in the World Cup hinges on how Japan does in their game tonight.  Should they lose, I think I might not be able to care much about the remainder of the tournament.  So get some Japan!  Good night.


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