Running For Pictures

A lot of times when I go running I see something that I want to take a picture of.  Upon returning home, before stretching or cooling down, I grab my camera, jump on the bike, and head back to where ever it was that caught my eye.  You may have noticed that I take a lot of pictures out in the rice paddies, since that’s where I run most of the time.

Such was the case today.  I got out of work a little early and was jogging with the sun still high in the sky.  The clouds were also very high, kind of mottled, and in between the increasingly thick rice stalks the whole scene was reflected.  It looked really cool but was too hard for me to capture adequately.  By the time I got back with my camera the sun was a bit lower, the light was different, and I’m not that good a photographer.  This was the best I could do, on a patch of fairly open paddy.  Sort of cool.


I also got right down into the paddy to take a few.  I like these ‘rice level’ shots.


Even the tower of power looked cool against the sky.


I realized today how much I associate the seasons with my work schedule.  Specifically, I don’t think of ‘summer’ as starting until I am on vacation, which isn’t for another month.  But as I was standing out among the rice it hit me that summer is well under way.  The rice is getting tall, it’s hot, humid, and green in Japan, and my garden is starting to produce.  I cut my first eggplant today, cucumbers are starting to produce also (though I think they might be doomed again this year — looks like something is up with one of the plants), and we have loads of green tomatoes ready to ripen.

The point being that I was once again struck with how beautiful it is around here.  If you go a little further into those mountains it’s even better.


Going to see some live music tomorrow, and then just one more day till the weekend. Zoom.


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