This Will Not Stand

My boy dipped his toes in the ocean for the first time tonight, and it wasn’t pretty.  I think he was shaken by the sound of the waves ‘crashing’ on the shore, though they were barely waves, and were hardly crashing.  Still, when you’ve roamed the planet for less than a year and widest expanse of water you’ve encountered is the size of a bathtub, I suppose the ocean can be a bit much.  That said, Ray’s going in; hopefully next week once I finish up classes.  The water’s plenty warm and the jellyfish haven’t arrived.


It looked like a mighty sunset in the works as I was driving home tonight, so I rallied the family into the car as soon as I got home and off went.  The sunset wasn’t as spectacular as I had anticipated, but it was a nice way to finish off the day.


It’s almost August and I haven’t taken a dip in the sea yet myself, so that certainly needs to change.  Perhaps this weekend, if not then next week after I finish work on Tuesday.

If you haven’t noticed, I added a Twitter feed to the bottom of page.  I’ll be putting up pictures and witticisms there in between my blogging, so please take a look now and then.

And on that note, I should probably start shifting my gravity toward the bed.  While I may be already on vacation in my mind, I do have to show up to work tomorrow.  Good night.


Drama Queen

We’ve been gradually introducing food into Ray’s diet, which means time in the high-chair sitting at the table.  He usually last long enough for Chieko and I to wolf down our food before he starts freaking out.  He tolerates food for a while, but eventually flips out in an effort to either get out of his chair or get a boob, or perhaps both. (There are a lot more pics on Flickr)





Ray is due to start daycare at the beginning of August, right as I start summer vacation.  Speaking of which, I am beyond ready to not see my students ever again.  I’m sad at the thought of Ray getting tossed into daycare so young, but it’s only a few hours in the morning to start with.  That will give Chieko and I some time to get something done, and I suppose Ray should start getting socialized.  But still, he’s so little…

Anyway, I accidentally drank a bottle of wine tonight and should probably head off to bed.


Aforementioned dead duck.


Took a ride out into the semi-darkness to take some pictures tonight.  Most of them came out way too dark, so I did some tinkering with Flickr’s editing software.  I have no technical knowledge about editing photos, and just tweaked them until they looked nice to me.  Curious how others feel.

My battery died fairly early on, perhaps fortunately as I’d otherwise still be out puttering around on my bike, looking suspicious in the middle of rice paddies and neighborhood gardens.





We’ve got neighborhood BBQ’s on tap for tomorrow and Sunday.  I already have a hangover.

Ray @ 8 Months

Today is Ray’s 8 month birthday, but these pictures are from yesterday.

We bought him a pool the other day, and yesterday the powers-that-be declared the rainy season officially OVER, so what better way to celebrate than testing the waters.  There’s all sorts of father/son loveliness on my Flickr site, but here’s a taste.




The pool was quite comfortable, and with the temps rising and me on the verge of summer vacation, perhaps I’ll be spending more time in it than Ray will.  The real objective though is to get the boy in the ocean once the water warms up a bit.

I mentioned the rainy season being over.  In the six or so years I’ve lived in Japan, this year ranks as one of the wettest rainy seasons I’ve experienced.  The blue skies and relatively low humidity is a welcome change, and hopefully they will spur my garden back into action.  Things were growing like mad for a few weeks, but the recent obscene amounts of rain, cloudy skies, and cooler temps stalled things out.  I haven’t been chronicling my gardening experience so much this year, on this blog or otherwise.  Last year I kept meticulous notes on how many tomatoes, egg-plant, etc. that I harvested each day.  The arrival of Ray has kicked the garden into the back seat though.  I’m letting nature take its course by and large, enjoying pulling weeds and other garden maintainance when I have time, but spending a lot less physical and mental energy on the fate of my vegetables compared to last year.

Yesterday and today were picture perfect summer days.  Clear air, big clouds bubbling up behind the mountains all day, green green green.  I know I take a lot of pictures like the one below, but the view doesn’t get old to me.


Between these and pictures of Ray, perhaps my blog is getting a bit stale.  But we’re planning a little trip for tomorrow (Marine Day in Japan – national holiday), so hopefully I’ll get some good pictures during our travels.  And I took some pictures of a disemboweled duck that was lying in the road during my bike ride this afternoon, so I’ll try to get that up soon.

I’ve got a hell of sunburn, by the way.  Must remember sunscreen; it’s really not that hard.