Most weekends I would lament two days of rain and drear, but as I mentioned yesterday, I sort of welcomed it this time around.  Other parts of Japan are collapsing in landslides and being washed away by raging rivers, but Kanazawa is rather sedately drenched to the bone.  My garden is begging for a good weeding, but it hasn’t stopped precipitating long enough for me to get out.  I could do it in the mist and rain, but I don’t care that much.

Ray continues to sprout teeth and get into whatever he can.  He’s smacking his head on a lot of things now that he can get around without having total control over his body.

Back to work in the morning, and I’m this close to turning my sights towards summer vacation.  But it’s just a tad early for that yet.  Happy 4th of July to all my countrymen and women!  Good night.


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