More Tree

Just a quick post before bed.  It was soccer night at the elementary school again tonight and thus the big lights were on, so I popped out to take a few more pictures of the tree from the previous post.



And one of the lights, which reminds me of the Pixar movie Wall-E.  I’ve never seen Wall-E so my connection to it and this picture could be unfounded.  I might be thinking of the beginning of Pixar films where there’s a light hopping around.  The haze gives good evidence of the humidity we’re enjoying tonight.


We had our first (serious) misstep in parenthood tonight, as Ray was tooling around in his walker and wheeled himself right off the floor and into the entryway, about a 1 foot drop.  Will remember to close the kitchen door from now on.  He seems fine, with no obvious scratches or bumps.  Perhaps there will be some bruises in the morning, but we have learned a lesson without suffering any serious consequences.

On that note, time for me to check out.  Good night.


4 thoughts on “More Tree

    1. hi molli! i hope they play it on the next plane i’m on, since that seems to be the only time i watch movies…and yes, you should come to japan and meet ray…

  1. The stories I could tell! When Amelia was younger than Ray, we left her sleeping in the middle of our big bed during a party. At one point, a guest came and said, “your baby is crying.” We went and found she had somehow scrooched herself off the bed and ended up head first in a wastebasket next to the bed. No harm done, as far as we could tell. We probably inflicted more psychological damage than physical…over the next 20+ years.

    1. thanks patty, that’s reassuring…i suspect this probably won’t be the worst incident ray has in his life…

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