Opposite Day

Yesterday I woke up at 7:30 and had a very productive, taking Ray for a morning walk, doing a load of yard work, running some errands, going for a nice long run, and finally BBQing with the neighbors until midnight.  The BBQ part, and the requisite beer drinking it entails, ensured that today has been anything but productive.

For starters, nobody in this house was awake before 10:30, including Ray, who was up until midnight too.  Since then it has been a steady diet of coffee and aspirin, and general slowness.  I just took Ray for another walk in the drizzle and he is sleeping now.  Chieko is off at the grocery store and I’ll head to the gym once she gets back.  Tonight, another BBQ!

Ray has always gotten a kick out of seeing his reflection in the mirror, and he recently discovered the new, giant mirror in our bedroom.  This should provide hours of entertainment for the boy.  Hope everyone’s enjoying your weekend, where ever you are.





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