Kick Me In the Jimmy

What else can you throw at me, world?

Sunday night a wicked wind came through, rain in sheets, and in the morning my garden was in shambles.  Notable casualties were, once again, my cucumbers (harvest: four cukes in two years), half of my corn stalks, half of my green pepper plant that split in two, a baby red pepper that was liberated from its branch and ended up in the driveway, and an assortment of generally disheveled garden veggies.

Tonight, as the rain continued after a tiring day at work, I decided to forgo the gym and go for my bottle of red wine.  Alas, snap goes the corkscrew.  A snapshot that sums up the unfortunate state of my life this evening:


But all’s well that ends well.  I found the means to get the cork out, and I’ll give the cukes another go next summer.  Ray and his new-found freedom continue to explore the premises, smacking his head on the floor/door/guitar case/table/floor at painful intervals along the way.

Four day weekend coming up, which means a four day workweek this week and next.  Couldn’t have come at a better time.


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