It’s kind of funny teaching towards the end of the semester.  The students clearly are being hammered by their other classes, ones that they likely care about much more than English.  They are all wasted, yawning, zapped.  Our classrooms have inferior cooling capabilities, and everyone is hot, especially me, the one who is on his feet, moving around, exerting energy trying to engage these hesitant young people.  I wonder why they continue wearing long pants and shirts.  It must be a lot cooler sitting at the desks than it is where I am.  I would be in shorts and a t-shirt if I had any say in the matter.

But for me it is a huge effort to stay motivated to motivate the students.  I’m tired as all hell too, teaching the same lesson for the tenth or eleventh time to the last class before my four-day weekend, and I’ve got an appointment to get my haircut shortly thereafter.  All I can think about slouching in a barber’s chair while some lady clips away at my hair, an experience which always sends me away to la-la land.

I made it through though, sans cutting any real corners.  We’re all the same boat really.

Tonight I was reading some of the blog entries from around the time Ray was born.  It was interesting to remember the state of mind I was in then.  There are so many comments I never responded to, which were also very nice to read.  While I would love my blog to be world-famous and read by millions, really its purpose is for me and my family to be able to look back and see what was going on way back when.  Hopefully the Internet won’t explode and erase everything.

What prompted me to go back and revisit the birth of Ray was seeing how big his now.  And also the fact that since he began to crawl a week or so ago, he’s rapidly progressed to pulling himself up on things (and promptly collapsing/smashing his face into whatever is between him and the ground), and getting into anything and everything.  It doesn’t matter what it is, if you are doing it, he must disturb you!  The difference a few months and even weeks can make is really amazing.


The long-awaited four-day weekend is upon me.  We’ve got a bunch of ideas, some motivation, and little dude who ultimately dictates what gets done.

I imagine I can manage another post in the next few days.  For now, good night.


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