Drama Queen

We’ve been gradually introducing food into Ray’s diet, which means time in the high-chair sitting at the table.  He usually last long enough for Chieko and I to wolf down our food before he starts freaking out.  He tolerates food for a while, but eventually flips out in an effort to either get out of his chair or get a boob, or perhaps both. (There are a lot more pics on Flickr)





Ray is due to start daycare at the beginning of August, right as I start summer vacation.  Speaking of which, I am beyond ready to not see my students ever again.  I’m sad at the thought of Ray getting tossed into daycare so young, but it’s only a few hours in the morning to start with.  That will give Chieko and I some time to get something done, and I suppose Ray should start getting socialized.  But still, he’s so little…

Anyway, I accidentally drank a bottle of wine tonight and should probably head off to bed.


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