My Goodness

Well, somehow the past few days turned into one of the more gluttonous weekends I’ve managed to put together in some time.  There were hints if you’ve been following my twitter at the bottom of the page.  But the cliff notes read something like this: beer filled karaoke on Friday night –> beer/meat fueled going away party Saturday afternoon –> beer/pizza sustained staying up until 2 a.m. on Saturday night –> somehow waking up at 7:30 Sunday morning with plans to repent with long gym session –> neighbor inviting me to the beer factory at 11:30 a.m. –> free beer –> Korean BBQ lunch (read: more meat and beer) –> Jesus I need a nap and THEN I’m dragging my half-drunk ass to the gym –> dragging my half-drunk ass to the gym (by bicycle) –> returning home only to find aforementioned neighbors hanging out on the stoop, commending my efforts, giving me more meat and beer.  Needless to say, I’m on the veggie-eating/massive amounts of exercise schedule for the week.

Today Ray had his first day at daycare.  He only stayed for an hour, during which he apparently crawled around the room, whimpering, looking for his mother (or father, right?).  He’ll keep that schedule for the next few days, and then we’ll gradually stretch him out depending on how he adapts.  Japanese nursery schools are interesting.  They require us to make bibs and pads to put Ray on when his diaper is changed.  These things are of course widely available and we have many of them in our own house, but for some reason they must be hand-made.  So that entailed Cheiko’s mother bringing a sewing machine, Chieko going to buy all the materials, bum a sewing kit/sewing advice from our neighbor, and spending hours figure out how to make something that we already have.

Tomorrow is my last day of work.  I have all sorts of crap to do during the next month, and it feels like my vacation is over before it has even begun, but I’m sure I’ll be able to relax.  I do regret volunteering to teach the summer session, which cuts my vacation time in half (but I do get a good chunk of cash).

Ray has been making a great face lately, scrunching up his nose and baring his teeth.  This is the best picture I’ve been able to capture so far.


One more day.  One more day.  One more day.


2 thoughts on “My Goodness

  1. what an awesome picture of the little man!! just love your posts, Casey! they truly make me laugh out loud! thank you for being so funny and open about your life!!
    hoping you have a wonderful vacation! give that boy kisses from me!
    beth =0)

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