Change of Scene

We arrived in Niigata without incident this afternoon, aside from Ray crying for the first hour and a half of the trip.  Eventually, after a pit-stop to feed, he passed out for the duration of the drive.  It was noticeably cooler here than in Kanazawa, which was nice but it feels pretty warm now.  After a snooze on the floor I took a run through the rice paddies here.  I believe I’ll be in the employ of Chieko’s dad tomorrow, though I’m not sure in what capacity.  The watermelons are done for the year, so it’ll probably be something to do with cleaning up the fields.  As long as we’re not bagging rice, I’ll be content with whatever he has me do.

Following through on my pledge to post some non-Ray pictures, here’s  a giant tomato from the Iguchi garden.  I am envious not so much of their garden, though they have a giant one that occupies various quadrants of their property, but their soil is what has me salivating — rich, brown, sans the many rocks that plague my sandy patch of garden.  It’s no wonder their many plots are overflowing with life.


But who am I kidding?  Here are some pictures of Ray, who has been a bit unsettled in his new surroundings, but nevertheless cute as hell.  He’s been here before, but was too young to be cognizant of much beyond his mother’s boob, and nowhere near mobile enough to explore all the exciting things here the he can break/injure himself on.




It’s shaping up to be a pretty early night here.  Chieko’s folks always crash early, Chieko has a cold and has retired, and while I’m nursing a fridge full of Asahi Super Dry, I have no idea what time I’ll get the wake up call in the morning and should probably not test my luck.

In my down time here I’ll be wandering around taking pictures, so I should be able to update the blog pretty frequently while we’re here.  Good night.


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