As anticipated, I was beckoned to work for just a little while today. I helped Chieko’s dad clean the watermelon fields, which is a pretty simple process that I’ll refrain from detailing here, suffice to say that it’s easier work than actually picking watermelons.

It eventually got immensely hot, and since Chieko’s parents are gradually easing up on the farming, we called time until the sun got a little lower in the sky.


In the afternoon, Chieko, Ray, and I took a drive along the Uonuma Skyline, which is a road that winds its way up and over the mountains one side of town, affording gorgeous views of the larger mountains on the other side of the valley. Here are a few pictures from the drive.





Tomorrow I’m climbing one of those mountains, Hakkaisan, with Chieko’s dad. That’s probably the next blog post you’ll be reading here. Until then, I’d best get some rest. Good night.


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