Back To Reality

Fortunately, ‘reality’ still includes a few more weeks of vacation.  I have a load of work-related stuff to take care of, but none of it involves putting on proper work clothes and going to a classroom, so I will get through it.

The past week has involved lots of driving, lots of drinking (after all the driving, of course), lots of eating, lots of late nights followed by foggy mornings, a miraculously high amount of exercise despite all the distractions, an expanded gut despite all the exercise.  The majority of these activities was done with friends who I don’t get to see nearly enough, although considering the debauchery that ensues when we get together, perhaps it’s better that we live on opposite sides of the country.


I’m looking forward to paying attention to my garden on a daily basis, getting a little work done each day, and making the next two weeks last as long as possible.  There will likely be blogging along the way.  Good night.


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