Chieko and I trade-off on who tends to the bathing of Ray each day, and while one cleans up the boy, the other gets to enjoy a few moments of peace and quiet.  When the deed is done we holler upstairs and whoever is not in the shower comes done and collects Ray.  Tonight Chieko was washing Ray, and when she called me I grabbed his towel and went downstairs.  She wasn’t calling because the bath was over, but because Ray had passed out cold in the middle of it.


I got him back upstairs, diapered, and 3/4 clothed before he finally woke up and flipped out.


And that’s all for tonight.  I have a glass of wine and the work computer set up, sports radio going on the home computer, and notions of making a very small dent in the pile of work I have to do.  Ray’s back to daycare tomorrow.  Night.


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