9 Months

Ray was nine months old yesterday, but I’m only getting around to posting about it tonight.  In celebration, here’s a medley of Ray dry heaving at dinner tonight.  He’s still getting the hang of non-liquified food, and he’s actually behind the curve according to the people at his daycare.  I’m confident that he’ll get there someday though. He never did actually puke, ate a ton, and actually drank from his sippy cup rather than pouring its contents all over the floor.





When he wasn’t on the verge of regurgitation, he got back to being cute as f-.


Non-Ray aspects of my life are uneventful, and I have no pictures of them.  If I did, they would be of me, greasy and unshaven, sitting in front of several laptop computers with a cup of coffee, beer, or glass of wine depending on the time of day, gradually plodding through the work I have to do over the next two weeks.  Or perhaps they would show me placing hapless insects and grubs on the cinder block upon which sites our air conditioner, under which lives a hungry spider who promptly lunges out from under the A/C and grabs whoever happens to wander by.  I discovered that neat trick yesterday while weeding.

I’ll try and do something cool to break up the Ray over the weekend, but I can’t promise much.  And there are a crapload more cute (non-dry heaving) pictures from tonight’s dinner up on Flickr if that kind of thing floats your boat (mom).  Good night.


2 thoughts on “9 Months

  1. very good pics, MJ hits 5 months tomorrow (today now) and we just gave him his first real food today, well, おかゆ anyway. It went OK.

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