Hope you’re not tired of seeing pictures of Ray, since that’s all I’ve got tonight.  Par for the course of late.  Ray gnawed on a plum today, and like pretty much everything he does it was cute.  The rest of the pics are on Flickr.



Today was a good day but I’m struggling not to focus on the fact that my vacation is almost over, and every hole in my schedule is seeming to get filled up bit by bit.  This has been a very hectic, not very relaxing summer vacation.  Cry me a river.

We went to visit a friend who is back in town for a little while, then came back home and hung out with the neighbors who were out BBQ-ing.  Chieko went inside to feed Ray and put him to bed, while I hung out for a beer or two and tried to figure out what everyone was saying.  The highlight was when the daughter came running out of the house in tears, fleeing some horrendous insect.  A minute later her father came out and released a tiny little cricket into the wild.  Japan has much creepier bugs than crickets.  Hopefully none of them are in my bed, because I’m on my way.


2 thoughts on “Fruity

  1. That second photo is outstanding! Rarely has the taste of a slightly unripe plum been so perfectly captured on film.

    My niece is the same age as Ray. She’s just taken her first steps. Man, they grow up fast…

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