Who Brought the Idiot?

The last, and only other time, I uploaded a video to Flickr, it took me several hours and lots of cursing.  When I finally was able to post it here, I wrote this:

More videos to come, maybe, if I can remember how I ever ended up getting this to work.

I should have taken notes, since I took this video on Friday and only just figured out how to get it onto Flickr.  I still don’t know exactly what I did, but hopefully I’ll be able to recreate the necessary conditions next time I want to upload some footage.

So without further ado, here’s Ray drinking from a hose, surely catching all sorts of parasites that will stunt his growth and make him weird, naked.

Other than the continued computer frustration, today was a great day.  Got a lot of gardening done, harvested a butt-load of basil to make some pesto, then went and bought a food processor to churn it all up.  I’ve always made pesto by hand, but there was just too much basil this time around.  I made a conscious effort to plant basil in every nook and cranny of the yard, and it’s paying off.  I already have a bunch of frozen pesto, and I’m sure we’ll get at least one more harvest before the fall.  Speaking of which, summer can be done anytime now.  I have begun craving fall and all that it entails.

I had some notions of getting a bit of work done tonight, but they’re slipping away and I don’t have much desire to rein them in.

Last week of vacation coming up.  We’re taking Ray to see a plastic surgeon about his ear on Tuesday, and I have no idea what to expect from that.  He’s too young to have anything done now, but apparently they like to at least get a file going on kids when they are young.  I’ll let you all know how that turns out.

Good night.


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