And the Fun Begins

Well, that wasn’t much of a summer vacation.  Back to work tomorrow to teach summer classes (in September?) until September 17.  The big news is that Chieko is heading back to work, too.  The double income is welcomed, but I can already feel the stress starting to bubble, as there is nobody to take care of the day-to-day upkeep of the house, get a head start on meals, and take care of all the other little things that Chieko could do during the day while she was on maternity leave while I was at work.  We’ll figure it out, but it’s certainly a new phase of parenthood for us.

It has been abnormally hot this summer, and particularly recently, over 90 every day and nary a raindrop for two weeks.  That’s a lie actually; it rained a bit during the night, but I wasn’t awake to appreciate it.  I never thought I would be sick of sunny days, but fall is welcome to make an appearance any time.  I am really craving crisp evenings and feeling of nature closing up shop for the winter.  I have always loved fall, and it will be particularly sweet this year.


Ray had his first full day of daycare today, 9:30 to 4.  He is adjusting, though still cries when we drop him off.  But he seems content when we pick him up, and his teacher reports that after he gets over the initial morning trauma he is settling in well.  The only problem is that he doesn’t really eat or drink when they try to feed him.  He eats food here at home, and drinks water and tea by himself, but it hasn’t translated to the new environment yet.  Perhaps it’s his attempt to protest the fact that his parents are abandoning him every morning — hunger strike.


Chieko is rummaging through her closet trying to find some work clothes that can contain her giant, milk-fill boobs, and not having much luck.  I am thinking it’s time to climb into bed.  If I were Japanese I might lay there and do some image training about tomorrow’s lesson; they LOVE image training.  But I’m not Japanese, and I have a policy of not thinking about anything work related or otherwise stressful once I’m in bed.  So only sweet dreams for me, I suppose.  Of course, the neighbor’s retarded dog just started barking, so that could get me riled up before bed!  Good night.


3 thoughts on “And the Fun Begins

  1. I hear ya Casey it has been stupid hot this year here also! I put my a/c away like two weeks ago and the weather wasn’t to bad. Nice and cool at nite to the point when I got up in the morning it was a little chilly getting out of bed. But bam yesterday 85 ish today 85-90 ish! I am so over this summer bring on fall and the cool weather!

    1. it’s raining and cloudy today, and below 90! a bit jealous we don’t have a hurricane coming to town though…enjoy all the cleanups

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