Peace and Quiet

The old people who inhabit the garden behind our house are always burning something in the garden, usually branches, weeds, and other garden detritus.  The way they burn here amounts to a pile of smoldering plant matter, so the flames are minimal, but the smoke is often thick.  As I was unwinding yesterday afternoon with a beer and a guitar, the neighborhood gradually fill with smoke from a particularly pungent fire.  Closed the windows and waited for the air to clear.


So another six-day work week in the books, thankfully the last of the summer session.  Five more days.  I have no aversion to working hard, and I like being this productive.  But I’ve been thinking the last week or so that if I’m going to work this much and this hard, I should do it for myself.  The cliché in Japan is to start and English school, and the idea is sort of appealing to me.  It would be nice to be in total control of what I teach and who I teach it to.  The largest market for students in Japan is kids though, and I’m not wild about going back to doing that.  We’ll see where things stand at the end of our current contract.

It’s a wonderfully quiet Sunday here, and while I have some things that need doing I lack any desire to do them.  Chieko and Ray are going to a friend’s house this afternoon, and I might take a ride to the beach before heading to the gym.  I have contracted a cold of sorts that has left me with virtually no voice, but otherwise feeling well.  Ray is the obvious culprit, but there are a lot of sniffly students in my classes so it may well have been one of them.

Kanazawa is flirting with fall, though it’s A/C weather today.  The farmers have already harvested a bunch of rice, and what remains is slumped over and waiting.


Perhaps another post coming this evening if I get to the beach and take any worthy pictures.  I have had zero time to take pictures the last two weeks, which is OK since I was lacking in inspiration recently.  Ray has gone down for a nap, which looks very appealing.  Until next time…


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