Well, that was about the most horrible two-week stretch that I’ve lived through in recent memory. The important thing is that, aside from administering a few tests tomorrow, it is over and done with. I’m left, apart from being completely exhausted, with the sense that something will come from the past two weeks. Specifically, I have at the very least proven something to myself, but I think it goes beyond that somehow. I am starting to think about how I can apply the ability to be this productive to other areas of my life. I’m all wound up and it feels like it will take a conscious effort to slow myself down over the next few days. I’m generally a very relaxed, low-stress person, so this is unfamiliar territory for me. If my life were like this on a constant basis, I would have to find something else to do. But in small, infrequent doses, being busy as all F is good. But I’m done thinking for the next week at least. Beer please.

My mom is on Japanese soil, and will be here tomorrow evening after romping around Tokyo for the day. We have a 2 hour window of work to somehow turn the post-apocalyptic state of our house into something sanitary and presentable. It will be a challenge.

Here are a few pictures of Ray. He hasn’t changed much since the last time I posted pictures of him, at least as far as I can tell. He still has the same number of teeth, is about the same size, but doesn’t fall down as much. He’ll probably be walking before too long. He will be 10 months tomorrow.

I’m fading fast. Good night!




2 thoughts on “Exhale

  1. Something good always comes from experiences like this. The challenge is identifying it and lassooing it before it slips away in the routine. Parenting is multitasking. Be well, be at peace and enjoy your mom’s visit .

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