What Blog?

I remember a few weeks ago, before the month even started, I just wanted to get September over with.  It was a month full of action, and I tend to avoid action unless it’s of my own making.  I hate feeling like I want time to go by faster.  It goes by too fast and I often lament that fact, but sometimes I just need to crank shit out and get it done with.  September was a lot like that.

But the last 1o days have been a busy in an enjoyable sense.  My mom and her friend Laurie came into town last Friday, and we spent the time between then and now seeing the sites around Kanazawa and fawning over Ray.  It was too short a trip, both in terms of me being able to hang out with my mom, and her being able to wig out over Ray.

On Thursday we took the train down to Kyoto, and then to Nara.  Kyoto is about 2 hours away from Kanazawa, and I have been there once before.  Nara is a little further, and I had never been there.  I was curious to check out Nara because it has tons of ‘sacred’ deer running around the place.  While the idea of deer wandering around town was somewhat appealing to me in the abstract, having spent a few hours with them I doubt I could live in Nara very long.  The place itself is very nice, but the deer are a pain in the ass.  Completely predictably, by virtue of the fact that there are stands selling deer biscuits on every corner, and retarded, potato chip/cookie/otherwise non-deer food wielding tourists all over the place, the deer are zombie-like, food-seeking bastards.  They come up and basically bite you until something comes off, be it a piece of your tourist map, a shred of clothing, or your child’s pinky finger.  Not to mention, there is deer shit everywhere.  You can’t avoid stepping on it, and the air has a bit of stink to it.

Despite all the deer-related drawbacks, I want to get back to Nara at some point.  There is a lot to see there, and even though it’s a huge tourist spot, most of the people are preoccupied with the deer so you can get around quite easily.




We spent the next day in Kyoto.  At the last minute we decided taking a tour was good idea.  We only had a day, and I don’t know anything about Kyoto, so maximizing time was the goal.  The bus tour was filled up, so we opted for a walking tour conducted by an old guy who would take us off the beaten track to see the ‘real’ Kyoto.  He was good, but 2.5 hours into the 5 hour tour we accidentally had to get lost and hail a taxi to take us somewhere a bit more interesting.

I got back to Kanazawa last night at a reasonable hour, but went to bed far too late.  Slept in good and long this morning, then got up and watched the end of the Red Sox game.  Ray took a long nap this afternoon, during which I did some work in the garden, which has been completely neglected for the past month.  It’s cooling off rapidly, but the eggplant and green/red/yellow pepper plants are still producing.  I ripped out all the tomatoes to make some room for some fall veggies which I may or may not plant.  The tomatoes had stopped producing, and I need to prep the soil if I’m going to put anything else in their place.

It was a perfect day.  Is there anywhere in the world where the weather is like this all year round?  Warm during the day, chilly at night.  I took Ray for a bike ride in the afternoon.  He was really excited when we started moving, screeching and moving around.  He looks around a lot while we are riding, but seems to get a little bored after awhile.  The sun might have been a bit bright, too.


He looks so old in this picture.  Crazy.  I walked into the living room today and was surprised at how big he was.  He’s in a stage now where he’s growing really fast, both physically and mentally.  Where’d the little baby go?




So there’s the last 10 days in a nutshell.  Start classes again on Wednesday, but will head back to work on Monday to get  things organized.  I’ll have a lot on my plate, but after summer classes it seems much less daunting.  The pace of work seems to be much more manageable, knock on wood.

And now, a pillow calls my name.  Good night.


8 thoughts on “What Blog?

  1. Yes, I am not that big a fan of deer, since we have too many of them here and they will eat any plants, veggies or shrubs unless we put fencing around them. Is Ray talking at all?

    1. no talking from ray yet, just some babbling…don’t worry, there will be video here when he eventually says something…he enjoys screaming quite a bit though 😉

  2. Hey Guys!
    I’ve been to Nara twice, and was completely freaked out by the deer! I was even attacked by a whole group of them the first time I visited… wondering why i ever went back! jeje.

    Need to send a proper email to you both. Great to see how big Ray is – so healthy! and i love seeing the rice fields.

    hellos from the other side -s.

    1. thanks for always commenting sheryl, and congrats on getting married! i’ll continue this comment in an email, or more likely a facebook message 😉

  3. I haven’t been to Nara but I’ve been to Miyajima a couple times and I agree, the stupid tourists feeding the deer garbage pisses me off too. I once saw a tourist feed a deer a cigarette butt and I wanted to punch them in the face. Stupid. Just stupid.

    1. they seem pretty resigned to people doing stupid things to the deer in nara, which is sad, but at the same time i imagine the deer have become a huge pain in the ass to the residents there, along with the tourists…so let them have at each other i suppose…those deer must be pretty unhealthy though, with all the crap they get fed…

      1. Granted. Both times I’ve been to Miyajima I’ve tried to incite a “revolution” but, as of yet, seem not to have gotten my point across to the deer. Hopefully soon.

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