Going Strong

Back to the old blog theme.  I like that this one allows me to post big giant pictures, and my twitter feed is nowhere near interesting enough to sacrifice getting it at the top of the sidebar at the expense of not being able to post big giant pictures, as was the case with the most recent theme.

I’m on fumes at the moment, but here’s a post that is at least 25% not about Ray.

My neighbors are pretty prolific when it comes to barbecuing.  During the summer, it’s a nightly affair to make a fire and burn something on it.  Members of the neighborhood stroll by at intervals and join for beer or a few bites, and then carry on.  The communal atmosphere ended last year once school started again at the end of summer.  This year, for some reason, the BBQs continue unhindered.  No longer are we frying up meat though; the menu has changed to large pots of soup full of autumn veggies and meat, all the better to warm the innards now that the fall wind is blowing through town.


Ray is on the verge of walking, which I’m of two minds about.  The more he walks, the less I have to carry him, which is a good thing.  On the other hand, the more he walks, the more stuff we have to worry about him choking on/impaling himself on/fall off of/etc…


This picture is from last weekend, and I had forgotten I had taken it until I uploaded pictures tonight.  Happy boy.  You can see his cheeks got red again, likely due to allergies of some sort.


Since then his skin has cleared up, but we aren’t sure why.  Going forward hopefully we’ll do a better job of monitoring what causes his skin to flare up, and what makes it  get better.  This time, however, we did a bad job.  First, the doctor gave Ray more steroid cream, which we didn’t use at first but did end up using eventually.  He also got a two week supply of the allergy medicine that he took when he had his reaction to soba noodles a few weeks ago.  On top of that, Ray had a more comprehensive allergy test, which showed that he also has a mild allergy to peanuts and, drumroll, soy beans.  He’s been having tofu on a very regular basis, and also a soy milk.  So we’ve also removed those elements from his diet.

So now that his skin is back to being as smooth as a baby’s…face, we have no clue as to what exactly made it better.  Was it the steroid cream that we used sparingly, or the allergy medicine that we continue to dose his food with, or the removal of soy-based products from his diet?

Questions questions questions, none of which will be answered tonight.  The boy is sleeping, and I will be soon as well.  Apologies for the lack of action around here, but there isn’t much exciting going on and I’ve been photographically challenged lately.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend!


2 thoughts on “Going Strong

  1. Hi, Casey. I love the picture of the neighborhood cookout, which you have mentioned often. It’s great to have a picture to put with it.

    As my parents say, you never stop worrying about your children. Instead of walking and rashes, you worry about less concrete things. So we all have to learn how to live with a certain amount of worrying and not let it keep us from sleeping and enjoying the good things. (which it sounds like you have a handle on).

    Happy Birthday tomorrow! In case I don’t “talk” to you before then.

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