A Proper Box of Wine

On the eve of my 32nd birthday, I have cracked into my gift from Chieko — a box of six yummy bottles of wine.


These were bought online, a practice we employ quite often.  There’s a good selection of wine available locally, but this online shop always sends selections that I’ve never seen before.  The shop sells sets of 5 or 6 bottles with a common theme.  This one is ‘full bodied’ batch, including red wines from Spain, Chile, France, and Italy.  I don’t usually buy wine from Italy or Spain, so I’m looking forward to tasting these.  Well done wife.

Two profound observations to leave you with:

So far the 30’s seem to be going by a lot faster than the 20’s did.

An unsettling number of small, flying ants have somehow found themselves inside our house.  Hopefully they’ll find their way back out by morning.

Back to work tomorrow.  The two-day weekend/five-day work weeks have begun, at least until next week.

Bed time.


10 thoughts on “A Proper Box of Wine

  1. happy birthday man! My 31st is coming up next weekend. I’ve only been in my 30’s for a year now but they do seem to be flying by. Crap.

  2. Happy Birthday! Let us know what wines you like. I discovered a wine I loved on my trip to Spain last fall that was called Mencia. I finally found a bottle here, but am saving it for the right occasion. Love Italian wines; they are sometimes cheaper than French. I am a wine snob and almost never drink American wines, unless you count Chilean.

    1. i think i’ll start branching out into more italian and spanish wine…the local import superstore has a pretty good selection but i usually go with south african, australian, and california wine…i’ve actually been pretty impressed with some american wines…if you find a label called trinity oaks give it a try…good reds

  3. Happy Birthday! Spanish wines are lovely. Riojas are pretty popular, but Riberas are also very nice – look for Crianza (i think it means its been aged longer – ).

    and the 30s… well…. in many ways – they are much much easier than the 20s. and therefore, harder!

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