Kid In the Hall

I forget when I took this picture — at some point during the last week, before work — but I finally uploaded a batch of pictures tonight and this one wins.  You may wonder why we have the bedroom gated, while leaving the steep-as-hell staircase wide open and ready to be tumbled down.  Answer: the gate keeps Ray from crawling away in the night, since he sleeps on a futon in our bedroom, and we are not stupid enough to let him wander out into the hall long enough to get to the stairs.


Every morning is different, but ideally Chieko and I get up, eat breakfast and get our shit together, then Ray wakes up and gets his bearings before suckling and being whisked off to daycare.  Seems that was the case whenever I took this picture.  Other days, we get up a few minutes late, inhale breakfast while crossing fingers that Ray won’t wake up until 10 minutes before we leave, and in those 10 minute he will have his diaper changed, clothes changed, get fed and out the door we go.  Not the best turn of events when handing one’s kid off to spend the day apart from ma and pa, but we’re all doing the best we can.

In the midst of a 3 day weekend, though it’s overshadowed by how busy next week will be for me.  At least I have some extra time to prepare for a very hectic 4 day week.  I have another English workshop coming up on Thursday, and will be doing a Jackson Browne concert this time around.  I need to get some materials made up, but have a pretty good idea of what I need to do.  Bought a wig today which needs to get chopped into some kind of Jackson Browne-ish hair, and of course must do some heavy practicing.  I have a few of his songs in my repertoire, but they need some polishing if they’re to see the light of day.

Chieko’s mom has been here since Thursday helping us out with Ray.  His daycare was taking everyone to the zoo on Friday, so long as one parent could join their child.  Not sure where this logic comes in since the institution only accepts kids with two working parents, or perhaps that rule only applies to us since we are not residents of the town where the daycare center is.  At any rate, we needed someone to tend to Ray on Friday while everyone was off at the zoo, so Chieko’s mom thankfully came to town.  As if she needed an excuse.

I think that’s about it for tonight.  Enjoy the 3 day weekend, Americans too.



5 thoughts on “Kid In the Hall

  1. So my first question was explained (the stairs) but dang, Jackson Browne, that’s going deep. Doubt any of your students have any idea who he is. Good music though.

    1. yeah, one of my main motivations is to turn the students on to some music they might not be familiar with, especially considering that most japanese music is total crap…or am i just old?

    1. if you’re lucky (and i remember to turn on the video camera this time) you might be able to see a youtube video…that’s the best i can do 😉

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