Sunday In Japan

Today was a great day for taking pictures.  Low clouds opened up to dump rain every twenty minutes or so, and in between the sun came out, creating lots of cool light.  That light, coupled with the abundance of puddles, presented a lot of opportunities to take pictures.  I went out jogging around lunch time and noticed the reflections in the rice paddies, which have a lot of standing water because of the rain.  I made a point on the bike later in the day to revisit some of the places I had seen on my run.


But before I could get to that Chieko’s mom took us out to lunch.  As we were driving I noticed a persimmon grove that looked promising due to its lack of leaves but semi-abundance of persimmons, and made a mental not to make a pit stop on the way home to snap a few pictures.  I would have spent a much longer time there had there not been a car full of people waiting for me.





And then back home and onto the bike to wheel around taking pictures of clouds reflected in water.




The clouds in the sky had their moments as well.


Then it predictably started pouring rain, but fortunately I was right near a little train station that had a covered bicycle parking area, so I hunkered down and tried to take pictures of the water running off the roof.


And finally, Ray and I took a stroll over the supermarket.  Along the way there were more puddles, this time reflecting the setting sun.  The boy waited patiently in his stroller as I repeatedly stopped to take pictures


That’s all I’ve got for the night.  It’s late here and I should be getting horizontal pretty soon.  Good news is that tomorrow is a holiday.  Bad news is that I’ll probably be doing a little work at some point during the day.  Good night.


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