I’ve spent a long time uploading and editing the pictures in this post, and will spend much less time writing since I need to get to bed.  I slept in yesterday, so morning Ray duty fell upon me today.  We were up around 7:30 or so, and after watching some baseball and getting at least a serviceable dose of coffee, Ray and I went out for a walk.  It was a spectacular weekend — perfect fall weather.  The light in the morning was beautiful.  I find that when I take walks on the weekend through neighborhoods is when Japan still holds the most mystique for me.  I’ve been here long enough that the major differences between Japan and America are no longer visible to me, but I always get a very novel sense of Japan on these walks.  I could expand on that idea but this paragraph is taking me forever to finish, and I should be in bed already!

Pictures from the morning.







The afternoon was productive with another walk and lots of cleaning, followed by a little more picture taking in the afternoon light.




Our neighbor gave Ray this little car that belonged to their son when he was little.  He digs the horn but can’t really propel himself around too well, yet.



Bed time.


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