New Wheels

I’ve been deliberating about buying a new bike for a few months now. Juggling the car between the two of us is difficult sometimes, and have a good bike to get around on will add one more element of exericise into my life. I have the carcass of a nice mountain bike that I bought about 15 years ago that for a few hundred dollars could have life breathed back into it. At the same time, I figured for a few hundred more I could get something new and shiny.

I considered getting something other than a mountain bike this time around. The majority of riding I do now is on the road, so I wanted something that was more suited for that. I didn’t want a strictly road bike, and was looking for something of a mix; they call them cross-bikes here. In English, maybe they are commuter bikes?

I ended up buying a Giant Tradist. As far as I can tell, it’s not available outside of Japan. I dig the minima, retro styling, though the first order of business will be to remove that ugly metal disc that covers the crank. It’s only an eight speed (no front derailleur), which is not what I had imagined purchasing when I started shopping around, but the bike is light (21 pounds) and has road tires, so I should be able to go pretty good.


I ordered it from the bike shop this afternoon and should have it sometime this week. Looking forwards to getting around a little more swiftly than I do on the mamachari. Anticipation.

Back to work tomorrow, which I’m sort of OK with. Good night.


7 thoughts on “New Wheels

    1. yeah, looking pretty fly sitting in my friggin genkan since it won’t stop raining! i recall you getting a new bike and not being able to ride it much too…sympathy

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