(Semi) Blue Skies Return

For the last week, Kanazawa has been getting creamed by rain. The past two days have been especially wet, with monsoon-like rain storms blowing through throughout the day and night. I would guess that my garden is just about kaput at this point.

Today though, we had the day off and the sun shone bright. Today is culture day, a national holiday in Japan. This marks the end of a month-long string of four-day weeks. From now until the new year we’ll be working like normal people, at least as far as the workweek is concerned.

I took Ray out for a nice long walk this afternoon. After a long, hot summer, fall is finally in full swing. It isn’t very cold but there is no denying that the seasons are changing. I caught a glimpse of a snow-capped Hakusan this evening, and trees up a little higher on the mountains are starting to turn. Someone is building a house directly behind ours, so our pristine view of the mountains is gone, along with a lot of the sunlight my garden receives. If I owned this house I would be very pissed. Then again, I will never build or buy a house that is this close to my neighbors. I am curious to see what the new place ends up looking like though.

Here are some pictures from the walk.








Off to bed for me now! Night.


6 thoughts on “(Semi) Blue Skies Return

    1. it’s interesting to hear the spectrum of who ray looks like according to different people…myself, i can’t tell at all, ever…

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