As Fall As It Gets

Where I come from, fall means pretty leaves and crisp temperatures. Where I live, the mountains are covered in cedar trees, and the latitude is substantially more southern. As a result, fall tends to be more warm and green than I prefer.

But despite the lack of foliage and in the face of unseasonably warm temperatures (even considering our normal climate), fall is slowly clamping down on Kanazawa. The signs of fall around here include people planting daikon radish and cabbage (along with other fall/winter crops), harvesting and hanging out persimmons to dry, and tying up the limbs to trees and bushes to support the impending snow.

So while the mountainside may not be ablaze in color, there is definitely a sense that autumn in full swing here.




And by the way, Japan has its own brand of wonderfully spooky woods. There are spiders and their giant webs everywhere, the threat of bears, and a general sense that all of Japan’s gods and spirits are lurking somewhere in the background. I always imagine mysterious things go on in the forests of Japan at night.



Today was forecast to be sunny and warm, but it appeared that we’re downwind of the Gobi desert again, so the skies were abnormally hazy and everyone’s cars are covered in dust. At least it was warm, and I spent a whole bunch of time outside.

Enjoy the weekend. Good night.


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