Oh My!

Two days are just not enough.

This morning I took Ray to a park close to here. It’s at the foot of the mountians, has lots of walking trails (paved and dirt), various gardens and ponds, several buildings that showcase the local flora and fauna, and a nice big grass field. We last went here in the spring.

Ray is looking very well-fed in this picture.


The big difference between then and now is that the trails are plastered with signs warning of bears. At the entrance there’s a sign warning visitors not to enter after dark. The number of signs gives the impression that the park is crawling with bears, but we didn’t see any.


Inevitably, Ray tried to eat some leaves. That meant the photo session was over.


Tomorrow is forecast to be 40’s and raining — a lovely way to kick off the week. Perhaps the mountaintops around here will see their first snow of the year. Hope everyone is having/already had a good weekend.


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