Where does the time go? Ray is one today.

I’ve thought a lot about this day a year ago; what a day it was. Ending with this:


And now we have this. Good morning birthday boy.


And dinner.


Birthday burgers?


There’s the cake. Chieko toiled over it after work. Since Ray can’t eat eggs or wheat, this is made from rice powder and I don’t know what else. The ‘frosting’ is made from yoghurt. I’ll take credit for the steady-hand name writing.


But Ray had been in his chair for a long time, and wasn’t much interested in cake.


Its presence at least preoccupied him for a few minutes, though he mostly jabbed at it and threw chunks of cake onto the floor.


He’ll get his birthday present this weekend, when his grandparents are in town (and we actually have time to go buy it!). I’ll save the details for another blog post.

Happy birthday Ray Ray.


7 thoughts on “1

    1. it’s always a bit frantic in the morning trying to get him up, fed, clothed, and out the door…in addition to doing all of those things to our selves as well…

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