Tedori Canyon Road

I was sequestered in the house until about 2 this afternoon. Chieko’s parents were coming to town to celebrate Ray’s birthday, and we had a boatload of cleaning to do before they arrived. It was going well until Chieko had to make an emergency trip to the dentist. I finished up cleaning by myself, fed Ray lunch and had a bite myself, and when Chieko got home I hopped on my bike for a few hours.

Perhaps I was a bit premature in my post last weekend claiming that autumn was maxing out on us here in Kanazawa. It was another spectacular fall day, and I found a wonderful place to spend it. The big river around here is the Tedori, and I’ve vaguely known that there is a bike path the runs along the river and way out into the countryside. I stumbled upon it today and road a small portion of it. It’s hard to get consistent exercise considering how many times I was moved to jump off my bike and take pictures. I really wish winter wasn’t baring down on us because I want to ride more of this path. It weaves between rice paddies and small villages, alternating between hugging the tree line and following roads more closely. There are ample opportunities to leave the path and explore whatever catches your attention. A lot of things caught my attention.

In no particular order:











11 thoughts on “Tedori Canyon Road

  1. beautiful photographs! They invoke memories of exploring the nooks and crannies of Japan and what real fall colors should look like.

  2. wow! what great photos again, Casey! thank you so much for sharing such beauty! you do have an eye…
    please give Ray a big b-day hug and kiss from me!!
    trusting all is well with you and your lovely fam!

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