Chieko’s parents arrived while I was out gallivanting on my bicycle and capturing autumn splendor Saturday afternoon. They could have cared less about my presence, and Chieko’s too for that matter. They were here for Ray.


The first order of business was to wrap up the 4 pound mochi cake that Chieko’s mom had brought.


Then strap it onto Ray’s back and let him teeter around for a few minutes before getting upset at his sudden tendency to tip over backwards.



This is a traditional Japanese thing, celebrating a child’s first birthday and symbolizing (hopefully) future health and abundance of food. (Any other interpretations from others in the know are welcome).

The other big event was a trip to the toy store to get Ray a birthday present. There’s a slide at school that he is always eager to climb up, so I was thinking something like that would be good. We ended up with a jungle-gym type of apparatus that has all sorts of things he can climb up and fall off of, plus a slide, and a tunnel.


Day off tomorrow, yay. Supposed to rain and be otherwise crappy. Good for sleeping in I suppose, if someone cooperates.

Good night.


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