One of the things I’m finding frustrating recently is how Ray is constantly sick. Since he started daycare he seems to be perpetually battling something. Unfortunately I seem to be the weaker parent in terms of catching whatever it is Ray has. I was just thinking over the weekend how unpredictable Ray’s fevers and colds can be, and how we really have enjoy the calm moments when we can.

And as if on cue, we got the phone call from daycare this afternoon asking us to come get a feverish Ray. Fortunately it was at the end of the day and we were able to skip out relatively painlessly. But of course two hours at the doctor in the evening screws up dinner, and now we will leave the house at 7 tomorrow morning to get the boy to sick-kid daycare. I wish we had some family around to help out in times like these, or that one of us didn’t work. But this was the decision we made, for Chieko to go back to work for at least a little while, and we’re managing well enough. It can just be a little overwhelming at times, especially when I wonder if the cycle of sickness will ever end.

For his part, Ray doesn’t seem much worse for the wear. He’s still eating like a champ is relatively active. I was surprised that they hadn’t quarantined him at daycare; he was playing normally with all the other kids (something to do with how all the kids seem to be sick all the time, perhaps?).

He had to get a blood test today at the doctor (and we get go back again tomorrow!!), and the bandage was pretty gnarly looking by the time he got home.

Picture 012

So, another week underway in stellar fashion. Fortunately Chieko and I are both caught up on lessons plans, have tomorrow’s lunch already made, and a general handle on the mundane elements of our life, so this go-around with Ray-the-infirmed appears to be unfolding as smoothly as can be expected. Knock on wood, real hard.

Oh, and I nearly forgot the other event that inspired the title of this post. Saturday night Ray knocked a glass of beer over onto my lovely, expensive Macbook, rendering it a sexy, polished-aluminum pile of junk that stinks like stale beer.

Again? This is the third time something has been spilled on the computer and shorted out the keyboard. I fear this time we might have breached the very, very expensive logic board. I haven’t had time to get it to the repairman yet, who is going to think I’m the world’s biggest fool as I fork over several hundred dollars yet again for making the same stupid mistake. Lesson learned, finally.

I don’t mean to come across as too down or depressing with this post. I’m actually in fine spirits, more or less. But yes, winter vacation is just a few weeks away and I am officially counting down. At the rate the weeks have been flying by recently, it shouldn’t be too long.

I’m posting from my work computer (at home), but not sure if I will be hauling this thing back and forth every day. Knowing my way with computers I’d end up breaking this one as well. So there may be a bit of a hiatus on the blog for the next week or so. Hope you can handle it!

Good night.


6 thoughts on “Again?

    1. i know that, but yeah, no video…i’m hoping to bring in the computer tomorrow and then it should just be a few days…maybe by the end of the week we’ll be back in business

  1. Sick kids–I don’t believe most US parents have access to sick kid day care, so that’s a plus for you guys. Some people think it’s actually good to expose kids to lots of germs and build up their immunities. Maybe you will too. My belief is that the healthier you are to start with–eating right, getting sleep and exercise, not too much stress–the less likely you are to catch everything. Washing hands a lot. But it’s still going to happen. Sigh. Bummer about the computer. I guess walking boy + beer + computer = trouble.

    1. we were lucky that they just opened the sick day care in our town right before chieko started working again…i am of the mind that exposing ray to all these germs is not a bad thing in terms of perhaps boosting his immunity towards them, but it’s running his parents ragged!

  2. Your poor Macbook Casey, milk, wine, beer, what will be next? Just glad I wasn’t around!! Hope Ray’s feeling better by now.

    1. next time??? i think you should get one of those little notebooks, like lauries… just for skype, email, etc… they are cheaper than repair on the macbook… just a thought.

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