Broken Record

Same old thing going on here — lots of sickness, lots of trips to sick-kid daycare, lots of trips to the doctor.

In Japan when a kid has a fever they slap a cooling pack on his or her forehead. That’s what Ray got yesterday for his 103 degree temperature.

Picture 018

When we went to the doctor again today, since we seem to go EVERY FREAKING DAY, Ray got strapped down to a gurney and had needles jammed into him. One of those was an IV that hopefully delivered a medicine that will lower is still toasty temperature. If that doesn’t work, the doctor said Ray might get to go stay in the hospital!!!


By the way, I was sick again too. I had my very first sinus infection. I hear the term ‘sinus infection’ thrown around and never gave it much credit. It was horrible to the point that I stayed in bed most of the weekend and didn’t go to work yesterday. I did go to the doctor (third time in four days for me — suck on that Ray!), and I got some very nice antibiotics and painkillers which had me pinned to the ceiling of my classroom this morning, still blowing ecto-plasm out of my nose every 5 minutes, but feeling no pain.

Life sounds lovely, eh.

Actually, I’m struggling to adjust to this element of parenthood (if you couldn’t tell) — the constant sickness and hours wasted sitting in doctor’s waiting rooms amid a bunch of other sick kids, to see the doctor for five minutes, and then have to do it all again the next day or the day after. I realized a while ago that uncertainty in terms of Ray getting sick was now a part of our lives, but I think I need to take that fact to heart a little more and just count on it happening rather than not. I have to assume we’ll be leaving the house half and hour early to get Ray to the sick-kid day care every morning, and getting home two hours late after taking him  to the doctor every evening. The days that neither of these things happen will be nice.

The other element, the primary one, is concern about Ray’s health. He’s just getting normal stuff from kids at daycare, but it’s perpetual. I can’t remember the last time he wasn’t coughing or oozing snot or puking or feverish or not crapping properly. And the last time we weren’t giving him medicine? I know it’s child medicine, but still. None of it seems to be working — why are we giving it to him. The kid has a medicine cabinet like an 80 year old.

So naturally, back to the doctor tomorrow to see how the meds worked and hopefully yank out the f-ing tube that is still jammed in Ray’s arm. Credit to the doctor for bandaging the hell out of it so he can reuse the IV if need be tomorrow. Until then Ray is a one-armed bandit. There’s a traumatic picture of Ray linked down in the twitter feed if you want to bring a tear to your eye.

That’s about all the venom I have for tonight. Somewhat therapeutic getting it all out here though, regardless of whether or not anyone reads it. I hate to post nothing but my and my son’s health-related woes up here, but that’s what’s going on around the house of Bean these days. Had I been chronicling them more regularly this blog would have lost any element of readability.

Miraculously Chieko has managed to navigate the viral onslaught unscathed. I credit her Japanese genes; I don’t stand a chance against these homegrown Japanese bugs that Ray brings home and I’m feeling it.

New Year’s vacation needs to be here, now. Which reminds me, I need to assemble our Christmas tree. And put on my snow tires, since it’s going to start snowing tomorrow. Would have done it over the weekend if not bedridden. Hopefully Kanazawa will stay true to it’s lame winter self and the snow will melt as soon as it hits the ground, at least until next weekend when I have time to put on the snows! The way things are going around here though it’ll be the blizzard of the decade.

OK, bed time here! Back when I’ve got something positive to say! (By that time I should have my Mac back in action — this Windows machine drives me to a whole other kind of sickness.) Good night.



6 thoughts on “Broken Record

  1. I understand your frustrations with sick children. From my experience though it does get better! The first few years they seem to pick up all the bugs and then once they get to about 4 they seem to have it all out of their system… still a few years to go, but there is light at the end of the tunnel!
    I hope you get a good break over the holidays.

    1. thank you jo…yeah, we’ve been hearing that the first few years are like this…i’ll get used to it sooner or later, and hopefully my immune system will too!

  2. Man sounds like things have been pretty rough over there, and that twitter picture is horrible! We’ve been pretty lucky with MJ, only thing he’s had lately is a scratch on his eye. I’m like you in that I seem to get most everything that my students bring to class while the wife is almost never sick! B.S.! I’m hoping that MJ has her immune system… we’ll see if it holds up once he starts going to daycare next year. The wife also said “かわいそう!” for Ray

    1. it was a nutty week, but all is well now and hopefully it will last a little while…i’m all paranoid about ray getting sick again though! man, daycare, the gateway to germs…brace yourself…

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