Back From the Void

I should be in bed already so I will attempt to make this brief. I have backed away from the precipice I was ready to fling myself off of at the time of my last post. For the moment everyone is healthy, and that makes a big difference in my ability to embrace sanity. Ray had his IV out on Thursday night; I was surprised to see how long the part that was in his hand was — a good centimeter long. Heebee-jeebees.

Today was spectacular weather-wise. I was hoping for more non-Ray pictures given how nice it was and how much time I spent outside, but it didn’t turn out that way. Took Ray for a drive down to the beach, during which he slept. At the beach I put him in the stroller and we walked around the paved paths that weave their way around the area. In the afternoon I jumped on my bike and rode out to the countryside in search of winter. It snowed a little bit during the past week but it’s mostly brown around here. Higher up the mountains still have snow. I was thinking we were in for a doozy of a winter but I’m starting to think it won’t be that bad. Kind of disappointing, but winter in Kanazawa usually is! (Based on the fact that enjoy long, cold, dark, snowy winters. Kanazawa does dark OK, but is otherwise mediocre.)

I set up the Christmas tree last night and Ray has subsequently ripped off all the ornaments he can reach. Fortunately they are cheap plastic things that came with the tree. He seems to enjoy trying to put them back on the tree, but hasn’t figured out how to hang them by their string (I tried showing him). I can’t believe Christmas is already next weekend. The weeks have been flying by in general, and the last several have been extra-insane. I’ve been so focused on just getting through each day that I haven’t given much thought to the larger context of the year being just about over. We’ll be hard pressed to get any presents under the tree by then, but at least we’ve got some Christmas atmosphere. We have to work on Saturday, but it’s the last day before our winter break starts. Hallelujah.

And so we trod towards the finish line. Night night.










4 thoughts on “Back From the Void

    1. thanks laura πŸ˜‰ that’s a daily sight after we haul him out of bed in the morning…usually changing his diaper is a good way to get him stirring for the day…enjoy the holidays!

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