The day after Christmas, and at long last we are on vacation. The last few weeks have been nutty, so I’ve been looking forward to the next two weeks as an opportunity to reset my sanity and figure out how I’m going to cope with the stresses of parenthood that we’ve been dealing with lately.

Although we did have to work on Christmas, at least it was a white one. It’s been snowing off and on since Friday and we have a solid covering, though nothing even close to the 80cm (2 ft-ish) that the news forecast last night. I’ve worked every Christmas since I came to Japan, and while I have no religious attachment to the holiday, it always bugs me on some level to be working. At least we have a New Years to look forward to, which is a much bigger deal here and they do do it right. For a nation of over-worked people, New Year’s day is pretty off-limits in terms of doing anything productive. We’ll head to Niigata on Wednesday to spend time with Chieko’s family and ring in the new year. Until then, we’re in full decompression mode.

Today I took another ride down to the beach with Ray. The weather system that is bringing us snow is also kicking up some pretty sizable surf, and I was curious to see how it measures up to previous winter storms.

For whatever reason, the wind was blowing offshore today when I got down to the beach. Usually this kind of storm brings severe onshore winds that prevent any decent picture taking with their barrage of snow, salt, and sand. Ray was sleeping in the car and I was wary of spending too much time trying to get good pictures, so these are all kind of plain. But you can see that the waves were pretty large.

I love strong, stormy weather conditions, and in that regard Kanazawa is pretty unique in my experience. Winter snow storms are always accompanied by thunder and lightning. Generally, there is loud thunder clap followed by a downpour of some form of frozen precipitation a minute or so later. Also, these clouds remind me more of summer rain storms than a winter snow storm — they are so dark and ominous. The weather here is much more exciting in the winter than the summer.




Happy holidays to all. Not sure if I’ll get another post up before we head out of town, but should post something from Niigata — certainly lots of picture opportunities there. Night.


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