Kanazawa In December




It’s certainly no Niigata in December, or any other time of the year for that matter, but Kanazawa can do alright under proper circumstances. I’ve toyed with all of these pictures using the Flickr editing tools so if they look grossly unrealistic please let me know.

Otherwise not a whole lot happening here. Two weeks of vacation have seemed like an eternity, which is a great thing. Our schedule is full of holes (i.e. days off) for the rest of the semester, which ends in the middle of February. We still have two more days, and although I have all of my lessons planned for a few days once get back, I can’t in the least recall what I am doing in my classes. Part of me is looking forward to heading back to work recharged and sprinting towards the (temporary) finish line, but another part of me is wary and unwilling to forget how INSANE the weeks leading up to the New Year were. But it’s all pointless really; we go back to work on Tuesday.

I had another beer making experience the majority of the day today. You can click over to Bill’s blog at the bottom of the page and probably read something about that. I haven’t invested in all of my own equipment yet, but I appreciate learning about the process from him before I fully get into. That, and since it was but a few months ago that I convinced my wife that I NEEDED a new bicycle, I would be pressing my luck to argue that I also NEED a few hundred dollars worth of beer making equipment. Although, she would get a lot more enjoyment out of the beer than she does from my new bike.

We have no plans for our remaining days off. I will watch (American) football tomorrow and Monday, and have offered to assume all care of Ray since Chieko has been so generous in letting me out to pursue my own pleasures for such vast swaths of time recently. I would also like to get to they gym tomorrow since I’ve somehow managed to eat and drink like a fat/drunk horse for two weeks and am miraculously only a kilo or so above normal. Not bad at all, but must right the ship in the coming days.

I’ll sign off now since I really didn’t even have this much to say but have somehow spewed it all out; things would surely go downhill were I to continue. Hope all is well where ever you roam.


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