One For the Grandmothers

Apologies to those of my readers who visit this blog to read about life in Japan and see pictures of it. No updates for two weeks, and all you get are a bunch of pictures of my kid and boring details about my recently-mundane life.

About that mundane life…it has been nothing aside from completely normal since the calendar turned over, and I love it. Ray has been healthy, as have Chieko and I. It’s been snowing nearly every day, as it should during winter. The Patriot’s lost against the Jets, but do I really care that much? I reserve my heartbreak for the Red Sox.

And hence the blog void from me. Nothing interesting to say in the least, and no good pictures to prop up the lack of words. Unless we consider Ray, who is up to all sorts of things these days.

Here he is performing his litany of tricks for Nanny via Skype.


One of his favorite activities these days is pulling all of his books off the bookshelf.


At least he “reads” them once they’re on the floor.


You wanted to see his face? Drool.




Ray has also learned how to rapidly climb up on things like the sofa, and in the case of the above photos, the kotatsu. He face planted off the kotatsu a few months ago (which I think I chronicled here) but the trauma has worn off I guess. I was poised to grab Ray should he take another dive off of the table, but he was in control of his element this even.

The only other noteworthy thing I can mention is that we bought plane tickets back to the US for next month. We finish work around Valentine’s Day, and a week later we’ll be in the air. Last year when we went Ray was sleeping 18 hours a day and was totally easy to take on a plane. This time around…I have no idea what to expect aside from assuming it will probably suck. I am officially soliciting advice on flying with 1 year olds.

And on that note, it’s 1:30 in the morning. No work tomorrow due to our school administering entrance exams, but I should get horizontal nonetheless. Good night.



13 thoughts on “One For the Grandmothers

  1. Love the photos. The mobile stage is terrifying and wonderful. I’m still surprised we have yet to have any broken bones. I’ve never traveled by plane with a young one, however, one of my bloggers wrote about her solution. I’ll attach the link:
    She’s a montessori teacher by trade and you’ll probably want to skip over the sewing pattern part. Her flight was much shorter, but there might be useful info in there for you. I also read two other bloggers who traveled to France. They haven’t yet posted about the flight. If they post, I will pass along,



    1. thanks for the link laura…i took a quick look and will go back once we are closer to getting ready for the trip (when it will probably be too late!)

      1. I asked my traveling moms what they’ve done and here are the suggestions:
        1. the special ear plugs made for kids
        2. lollipops or the like…something for sucking to help the ears
        3. itouch or lap top with down loaded miniprograms and apps/games
        4. new small toys and board books…the better to hold the interest

        Good luck!

  2. nice to hear things are normal. MJ’s all about taking books off shelves too, his shelves, my shelves, the wife’s shelves… but he doesn’t usually try to read them, just tears the covers off…

    1. thanks man, definitely enjoying the relative calm while it lasts…yeah, i don’t want to discourage ray’s sense of curiosity re rummaging through anything and everything, but i’d like to find a way to channel into something less destructive…seems like a losing proposition though

      1. when you are putting the books back, have him hand them to you.. babies/kids like to help… same with putting the toys back into the toy box/basket

  3. we flew to oklahoma when devin was 16 months old, it was a long trip with layovers, delays etc.. we flew in the afternoon/evening and i thought he would nap/sleep for a lot of the trip.. he was awake until 2 a.m (when we finally got to grampa’s)….. never closed his eyes till we put him in bed. (he was good the whole time, just awake) then, coming home, i figured he would be awake most of the time, because it was all daytime travel… he slept.

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