Vacation Begins

Goodness, making this blog post has turned into a massive time vacuum between having to renew my flickr account, charge my camera battery, upload all the pics to my wife’s computer, then try several times to upload them to my newly renewed flickr account, then upload them to the blog only to accidentally delete them, and thus upload them again, all the while drinking twice as much beer as I would have had things gone smoothly from the beginning.

So now it’s nearly midnight and we have a big day tomorrow. Yesterday was our last day of work, and today we boogied off to Niigata to stay at Chieko’s parent’s, which is conveniently located halfway between our house and the premier ear-recontructive-surgery-doctor in all the land, which is where we are headed tomorrow. He is located in Saitama prefecture, where I used to live as it so happens, though not anywhere near his practice. Ray may well want to have is microtia-plagued ear rebuilt someday, and this doctor likes to have patients start coming to see him from a young age. I’ll elaborate on all this in my next post, after we visit the doctor and it is hopefully not nearly as late as it’s getting now.

Let’s move on to pictures. Ray enjoyed having a whole new kitchen to wreak havoc on, promptly handing out anything he could find to anyone who happened to be present.

画像 001

画像 007

There is also a ridiculous amount of snow here. For some perspective, I’ll point out a few things about these pictures.

First, this is taken out the second story window, so the snow in the foreground is a good 15 feet tall. Granted, it’s the accumulation of all the snow that’s fallen off the roof, but still nothing to scoff at.

画像 024

In this picture you may notice that the telephone wire is mere feet from the surface of the snow. It’s not that way in the summer. You may also observe the second story even in the upper left corner of the picture, and the building in the background with snow piled up to the roof. This picture is also taken from the second story.

画像 025

And finally, I went out onto the veranda outside Chieko’s old bedroom and took a few pictures. Winter wonder land. It’s a stunning night here with no clouds and stars in abundance. I would have loved to have gone out for a drive to take some long-exposure pictures of the mountains, but that was not in the cards this evening. You can see the red tale lights of  car under the street light to the left — some more perspective for you.

画像 027

Way past bedtime here. More snowy posts to follow. Good night.


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