Winding Down

I took a ride down to the beach with Ray this afternoon. As usual he passed out shortly into the ride, which is also OK since I don’t have to worry about him getting fussy. I had thrown the stroller in the car in the hope of taking a walk along the paved path that runs along the beach, but it was just as well that Ray was asleep since it was a bit too windy and cold once we got down to the water.

There’s a small harbor there, which is empty at the moment as all the boats are pulled for the winter. There were a few fishermen doing some maintenance work on their boats in preparation for the spring, but it was otherwise a ghost town. This building caught my eye though — walk-in refrigerators/freezers, I guess. No idea whether or not they are being used. Perhaps I should have checked.


I also took a nice bike ride after coming home, since Ray was still sleeping. I had planned on taking my first run in a long time, but upon inspection I realized that most of the rice paddies I run through (or at least the roads that intersperse them) are still covered in snow.

We are coming down to the wire with our trip to the States on Tuesday. Ray has mercifully gone to bed at a reasonable, giving us time to do some trial packing and a bit of cleaning. He’ll be in daycare tomorrow which will give us a chance to tie up loose ends, get a proper cleaning done, and hopefully be ready to get out the door early on Tuesday morning. And in that vein, I’m going to do a bit of tidying now before bed. Not sure if I will post or not before we leave, so the next installment may come from America.

Until then, safe travels to us!


4 thoughts on “Winding Down

  1. Hey, Casey, Chieko, and Ray, I haven’t been to your blog in a long while! So I thought I would check out a few posts. The pictures of the snow are awesome, that post office is something else. When I take a look at your blog, I still can’t believe that we’ve left Japan and we’re no longer there…safe and happy travels to you guys during March! As for me, I’ve been “winding down” for too many months now, but I’ve just landed in Antofagasta, Chile and am on the brink of starting yet again on a brand new life in a brand new country! Cheers for now, E

    1. good to hear from you ernesto, thanks for your comment…we made it in one piece thankfully…looking forward to catching up with you guys on skype soon…good luck getting settled with the new job and home…sound exciting!

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