Another Form of Golf That I Suck At

My brother and I braved relatively frigid temperatures and blustery winds today to play some frisbee golf, which I hadn’t played since I was home this time last year. Naturally, I was just as mediocre now as I was then, but it was still fun.

This course has way too many trees. At least during the winter the trees and underbrush are bare, so when I hucked errant frisbees off into the woods I could find them without too much effort.

There’s a pin out there somewhere.


I had many impossible shots.


But more often than not I eventually made it to the pin.


Since the majority of frisbee golfers here are stoned, drunk, or both, there’s a fair bit of tree carving going on.


The town had the foresight to place trash barrels at each hole, and despite their general lack of sobriety most golfers have the presence of mind to not throw their empties around the forest, which was refreshing. Now if they could only harness their expressions of love into something a little less damaging to the trees.


Since it was only my brother and I we were able to blast through the course in about an hour , which was good since our hands were pretty frozen. I stopped keeping score after the second hole so I’m not sure what my final tally was, but it was respectable when you factor in the my lack of playing time along with the conditions.

On the home front, we have been doing a whole lot of nothing. It’s been a very relaxing vacation, with Chieko and I playing second fiddle to Ray, who is naturally getting all of the attention.

It’s going on midnight, which means that my jet lag has officially worn off, and that perhaps waking up at 7 a.m. every morning will become increasingly more difficult. I hope not though, as I’ve enjoyed the early starts around here. On that note, time to crawl into bed. Good night.


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