Clear and Cold

We finally got some blue skies here, at the expense of temperatures that don’t allow for any meaningful outdoor activity. It was mid-twenties with wind today — far colder than anything we’ve experienced in Kanazawa this winter, and ever in our 6 years there. I wanted to take a drive out to the National Seashore to commune with the mighty Atlantic Ocean, but it was too cold to spend much time out of the car with Ray. Instead, we settled for a more local drive to check out some beaches.


I don’t recall the name of this particular beach. It’s not one of my regulars and is a neighboring town that I’m not real familiar with. I knew there was beach, but didn’t recall this massively long boardwalk that stretches out over the marsh to a lookout deck. It offers a nice view out towards Cape Cod Bay, and there are some promising looking nature trails in the vicinity which I tend to exploit in warmer weather.


We took Ray out and he enjoyed walking along the boardwalk despite his steadily running nose and frozen hands. The walk back was quicker than the walk out. It was bright, shiny, and freezing.





That’s about it for tonight. My youngest brother is flying in tomorrow from California, and like Voltron we will form a complete family, which unfortunately doesn’t happen very often since we’ve all spread our wings. I’ll try to get some pics of Ray up in the next post, even though most of the people who care about seeing him can do so in the flesh now that we’re home. Bit of an early day tomorrow, so off to la-la land for me. Good night.


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