Earthquake Update

I’ve been getting a lot of concern via facebook, email, and telephone, regarding the massive quake in Japan earlier today. We are fine, since we are still in America, and all of our friends and family seem to be safe as well.

We have and NHK stream going on the internet and it’s amazing to see reports of continued aftershocks pop up on the screen every couple of minutes, all over the country. The video of the tsunami is terrifying. It also looks like the entire city is on fire.

We’re scheduled to fly back to Japan on Monday, via Tokyo. We’ll see how that works out. Thanks to everyone who has reached out to us regarding the safety of us and our family. I’ll keep you updated with any relevant info. Hope everyone in Japan stays safe.


4 thoughts on “Earthquake Update

  1. Good to here that all back in Japan are safe. Hope you are enjoying your visit home. You actually get to witness a little spring.

  2. thanks jeff, we appreciate your thoughts…the trip home has been great, very relaxing…not sure how springy it’s been though 😉

  3. Casey,
    You’re lucky. We were approaching Hokkaido when they turned us around and landed us in Anchorage. Hopefully by the time that you leave all the stuff will start calming down.

    Here’s to safe travels and good Alaskan beer.

    1. I was thinking you guys might have been rerouted, though not all the way to alaska…hope you can make the most of it…see you in japan (eventually)

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