A Kink In the Works

We’re staying a few extra days. We could get to Japan it seem without much of a problem, but getting from Tokyo to Kanazawa was looking dodgy. Our connecting flight from Narita Airport in Tokyo is not running, and I have a feeling we wouldn’t be the only ones trying to get away by bus or train. Rather than risk getting stuck in an airport or train station dragging our bags and baby around, we talked to the airline this morning and changed our flight to Wednesday. It means I got another round of frisbee golf with my brother, Chieko got her shoe shopping done, my parents get to adore Ray a little longer, and we will hopefully have a smooth trip home. And of course, we could be stuck in worse places.





We took a drive down to the National Seashore yesterday, the first sunny and non-freezing day we’ve seen in a while. It was beautiful, as always. I’m fortunate to have a place like this to come home to. There are more pictures on Flickr.

Today we took Ray to the playground while Chieko was off melting our credit cards at the mall.


He had a blast until we left him hanging in the swing and went home.


It’s crazy to see what is happening in Japan right now. I’ve been reading a lot of Japan-based blogs, people’s accounts of what they experience during and since the earthquake, watching news — I have no idea what we are going back to. I don’t know if the airport will be inundated with people stranded, I have no sense of what the feeling of the country is. I had been dreading our flight back because of the length of it and traveling with Ray, but now I’m dreading it for other reasons.

I know our house will be fine, and that all of our friends and relatives are safe, but I feel like I don’t have a real sense of the scope of this disaster. I want to get back to our life there — our home, our things, our friends, our life — but I’m anxious about what I will encounter. Getting back seems so daunting; hopefully it won’t be. If you are interested in reading some more first-hand accounts about the earthquake I encourage you to read some of the blogs at the bottom of the page. Bill had an especially interesting trip home a few days ago, and there is some other good writing down there.

So we have a few days. We’re not sure what to do with this extra time, and we’ll probably pass it the same way we have filled the previous three weeks. Ray will go visit my neighbor’s chickens tomorrow, and hopefully my aunt’s horse.

A few notes:

  • a few weeks ago we passed up tickets to today’s game because it was going to be our last day here and we wanted to stick close to home; I guess we should have bought them
  • in the same vein, I love watching sports at night here. In Japan I have to watch everything in the morning because of the time difference. It’s great to end the day with Celtics or Bruins game.
  • I caved to my capitalist impulses and stood in line to buy and an Ipad 2 the other day. I had a carnal urge to buy one, and it kicks complete ass. It is way more than an enlarged iPhone; I will never buy a laptop computer again.
  • Why are things getting good just as we are about leave? The weather’s nice, we rolled the clocks forward last night and now it stays light later, the Celtics, who I think play 4 damn games in the past three weeks, are going to be playing practically every night for the next week, and the Bruins are poised to win a game.

I think that’s about it for tonight, but I should be able to fire off another post before we leave on Wednesday. Good night and keep on truckin’ to the people in Japan.


7 thoughts on “A Kink In the Works

  1. thank you ryan, we’ll be in touch if we have any trouble…hope all your friends and relatives are safe and sound

  2. i dont know what its like now, but when we landed in narita it was eerily empty. i went through immigration as quickly as a japanese national would.

    all throughout the airport there were rescue dogs and UN workers. when we stepped outside there were helicopters over head moving up to the Sendai area.

    when we landed yesterday all domestics out of narita looked to be canceled and they were only accepting a few international flights.

    hopefully by the time you land narita will be flying in and out, but if it isnt, i recommend the highway bus since it looks like a lot of trains will be on and off for service.

    good luck, shoot me a line if you need some info from this end of the island

    1. Thanks for the info bill…ana said our connecting flight will be operating on thursday, so hopefully that will remain the case…is kanazawa experiencing any gas or food shortages?

      1. So far nothing like that yet. We’ve just been asked to conserve electricity as much as possible. I’ll let you know if they ask anything like that of us or if anything out of the ordinary happens. Fly safely, when you get here lets have some beer.

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